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Honoring Our Love and Pain for the World Gathering

We will gather to Honor Our Love and Pain for the World. It will be part council circle where we share our truths about things on the tip of our hearts, part simple grief ritual, witnessing and being witnessed in grief and other energies together, lending our tears & laughter to the watershed; and part eco-art and ecosensual exploration, getting curious about earthy joy/pleasure to root our work/play in the world.

Healing Work IS Antiracist IS Ecotherapeutic IS Decolonial IS Sacred Grief IS Rewilding

Healing work IS Anti-racist work IS Decolonial work IS Ecotherapeutic work IS Sacred Grief work IS Rewilding work.

These are not and cannot be seperate if we are to dream and enact ourselves into regenerative, cooperative, co-liberatory, earth-honoring habits of being and doing.


Then we told the hard truth—about the state of the world, about the state of our emotions.

Reclaim Your Wild Nature Heart Course

We’re happy to announce Wild Nature Heart Academy’s 6-class series called Reclaim Your Wild Nature Heart for people transitioning or ready to transition to a deeper earth-centered life and eager to cultivate a deeper belonging to place and purpose.

🌱Spring Emergence and The Great Turning

With migrating ducks and butterflies flitting about, the scent of cherry blossoms and lilac in the air, and brighter days, spring has Wild Nature Heart saying “Yes!” to the new season. Read our Spring Update.