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These days I rarely start the day without being 61% salt-water by volume.  I rarely start heating the water (from the mountain spring) for my forest fresh tip tea without my body being 99% H20 by molecular count.  I see these morning dew drops… Continue Reading “MORNING DEW: HOLY WATER”

The Beautiful Undammed

“That’s still the water that runs through my veins.”—Mike Polmateer, Karuk  One of the many regenerative stories that has captivated me and feels like a bright ray of hope is the undamming of Rivers.  The undamming of the Klamath River is one that deserves… Continue Reading “The Beautiful Undammed”

Reclaim Your Wild Nature Heart Course

We’re happy to announce Wild Nature Heart Academy’s 6-class series called Reclaim Your Wild Nature Heart for people transitioning or ready to transition to a deeper earth-centered life and eager to cultivate a deeper belonging to place and purpose.