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Belonging To Berries

One of the ways to cultivate belonging of course, is to become friends with the local flora and fauna. Since it’s June that means it’s the belonging of Berry season, and they’re out there awaiting our conversation!


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting ways in which we can cultivate belonging—to Place (the land, watershed, & more-than-human world), to community, & to self (body/soul/calling)—and how these are all interrelated. One of the ways to cultivate belonging to where you’re…


We love that line, “We’re all just walking each other home,” by Ram Dass & Paul Gorman in their book How Can I Help.

But what does it mean? I


Really excited about what’s emerging! We’re launching Wild Nature Heart Academy

Deep Nourishment Gathering

A Deep Nourishment gathering brought together 12 people to reconnect to ourselves, the land, and each other.