These days I rarely start the day without being 61% salt-water by volume. 

I rarely start heating the water (from the mountain spring) for my forest fresh tip tea without my body being 99% H20 by molecular count. 

I see these morning dew drops on ponderosa pine needles (thanks to the delicious dance of gravity, adhesion, and cohesion), through beautiful gelatinous globes of water I call eyes (98% water). The needles will begin carrying H20 down through the mostly-water trunk to the roots. 

In addition, my 75%-water brain comes equipped with a miraculous mass of cells that specialize in visual processing. Which is another way to say, light and salt water playing at intimacy inside my body. 

I like to keep a hundred million or so neurons (55% water) there to help my body touch the other parts of the world with light. Not only are they 55% water, but they absorb and release water when they relay electrical messages. 

How they don’t short-circuit in that environment I don’t know. Maybe the are really micro-eels? 

These days, I rarely take a sip of Water without saying ‘I love you.’ Sometimes silently. Sometimes vocally. Sometimes with a silly song. 

Water smiles. Water in me smiles. The we float in the smile. 

I’m not so much ‘taking’ a sip, but giving a sip of one part of Water’s body to another part of Water’s body. A tribute to every tributary. A cosmic adventure holding the memory of the whole shebang. 

In some circles this is called I-Thou relationship. I call it good manners. I call it holy water joining holy water. I call it altar to the tender pulse. I call it being alive in the Mystery.

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