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These days I rarely start the day without being 61% salt-water by volume.  I rarely start heating the water (from the mountain spring) for my forest fresh tip tea without my body being 99% H20 by molecular count.  I see these morning dew drops… Continue Reading “MORNING DEW: HOLY WATER”

Honoring the Season

Moments like equinox and solstice are great markers of transition from one season to another; yet we know the energies of transformation are always afoot, wearing different garbs and guises. There’s the change we want. And there’s the change we don’t. Regardless, change IS. Sometimes… Continue Reading “Honoring the Season”

The Beautiful Undammed

“That’s still the water that runs through my veins.”—Mike Polmateer, Karuk  One of the many regenerative stories that has captivated me and feels like a bright ray of hope is the undamming of Rivers.  The undamming of the Klamath River is one that deserves… Continue Reading “The Beautiful Undammed”


Intention can be an important part of crossing the threshold during a wilderness rite-of-passage, life change, or any liminal transition, including our current collective initiation. My way of holding intention and threshold has shapeshifted over the years. Intention is not a goal. It’s good… Continue Reading “THRESHOLD: UNRELENTING MYSTERY”


And when Grasshopper flies into your heart
their green gears grin
at all your precious purities.

You find yourself
no longer fearing
the depths of entangled love