1-on-1 Earth-Rooted Mentoring/Inner Wilderness Guiding

IMG_8765“What if our primary human need and opportunity is not to endlessly attend to our emotional wounds and the eradication of perceived psychological disorders but rather to fathom and flesh out our natural human wholeness and to embody this integral bounty as a gift to others and our world?”  — Bill Plotkin, Wild Mind

The Problem:

The range of symptoms that blanket the western world–depression, anxiety, addiction, distraction, grief—have their deeper source, in part, in the disconnection that pervades our lives: disconnection from each other, from our natural world, and from the deeper sense of meaning at our core.

A core operating premise of Wild Nature Heart is that we yearn for meaning and connection and that each person carries a unique soul calling—and it is the task of each of us to dig it out, cultivate it, and then share it. With nature as our ally, mirror, and co-creator, we help bring out and reconnect with the aliveness of what already exists.

The Solution: Claim Your Wholeness and Soul Calling Sessions

Through participation in a package of 1-5 individual mentoring sessions that include a toolbox for living the practices, you will awaken and integrate the fullness of your body-heart-soul-spirit. You will journey full circle through the four shields/directions of human nature with the help and witnessing of a knowledgeable and compassionate guide. Each 2-3 hours session will include time in council and solo time for you on the land.

The Four Shields/Directions system is a nature-based map of the psyche that helps us understand different facets of ourselves and provides metaphors for exploring the full complexity of our psycho-spiritual development.


Each session is different, but all of our work together involves an initial bit of time to identify and clarify what is currently alive for you and the things that are calling within you to open up, lean into, and claim–with nature as your ally.

Your first session will be an opportunity to really tell YOUR heart story and have it deeply listened to (the story of your life…the story that has you on the edge of things…the story that has you hooked…the story of your deepest dream…tell THAT story).

Together we’ll co-create a map and a plan, personalized to you, for your following sessions.

What the package includes:

  • An in-depth telephone conversation with a Wild Nature Heart guide at the beginning of your journey.
  • You’ll write an intention letter that will be read by your Wild Nature Heart guide prior to your first mentoring session.
  • Individual sessions in a beautiful natural setting, each lasting approximately 3 hours and including both council time and solo time, in locations to be determined by you and your guide.
  • Prompts, activities, and ideas for taking your work further between sessions.
  • Surprises in the form of tangible ceremonial tools, creations, or altar pieces that you can take away with you from each session as sense-based ways of coming back to your learnings.

Cost: $700 per five session package. Payment plans can be arranged. A 2-hour session is $150.


To book with Ryan call or text 510-219-3349 (Humboldt-based) or email ryanvanlenning@gmail.com.


Most people find several or on-going sessions are fruitful and build upon one another, though it is possible to get a lot out of a single session. We both offer individual mentoring/inner wilderness sessions outside these packages. Ryan also assists in creating self-ceremonies on the land that is customized to your life journey at this moment. A 2-hour session is $150. Contact us with any questions.

*NOTE: Our nature-based mentoring is not Psychotherapy. We are both certified Ecotherapists through The Earthbody Institute. And while Katie is a Licensed Social Worker, the work of Wild Nature Heart is a soul-rooted practice with nature as context and one tool for self-growth and connection and is not meant to be psychotherapy.

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