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NEW: THRESHOLD: Earth Intimacies & the Art of Transformation

I’m both tickled like a butterfly and hungry like a caterpillar for Wild Nature Heart’s new course/journey starting next month.

THRESHOLD: Earth Intimacies and the Art of Transformation is a 6-week course journey dedicated to tending both our personal and collective thresholds with intention and heart. With the images of threshold crossing and caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation as guiding metaphors, we will deepen our ecospiritual practices, practice being present with the whole of what is at our doorstep, and proliferate imaginal buds for what is emerging.


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Hope Will Not Be Cancelled

Is it possible that the forced slowing and shutting down has within it the grace of a sacred pause that allows for deep listening, for cultivating deep belonging, and co-creating solutions for leaning into this Great Turning?