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Don’t forget the Smalls in your basket of Whos Don’t forget the smells when you’re looking for clues  Don’t forget your nose when you’re searching for hints Don’t forget the sense of all of the scents  Don’t forget your ear, to put to the… Continue Reading “DON’T FORGET THE SMALLS”

the Full Moon Has Us – Deep We Is Calling

The Era of I-Over is over. Deep We is calling. Saying compost the dead & dying body of the Over-culture, decolonize our hearts, & dismantle identity-prisons that have us all by the throats.

Hope Will Not Be Cancelled

Is it possible that the forced slowing and shutting down has within it the grace of a sacred pause that allows for deep listening, for cultivating deep belonging, and co-creating solutions for leaning into this Great Turning?

Allying with Nature’s Wisdom

Conversations with wild nature. Leading with our noses.


Today is National Simplicity Day, celebrating Henry David Thoreau and advocating simple living close to nature. But it has me wondering what simplicity could possibly look like in today’s fast-jet, multi-tasked, overbooked, commodified, insta-world.