the Full Moon Has Us – Deep We Is Calling

The Full Moon has us. 

Let’s speak softly for a moment. Close your eyes & whisper your longing & belonging to the moon. Are you here with you? Are you here with the untold multitudes of our other-than-human kin?

Open all your ears. What do you hear that is not the sound of all the stale voices out there propping up the Era of Back-to-Normal & Power-Over?

The election is on everybody’s minds (in everybody’s bodies). Yet it’s not the biggest, nor the final, story, regardless of what happens.

Our longings go deeper, don’t you think? You know the village ache & sacred wounds of separation of which we speak. 

What stories do we commit to, who will we ally with, what will we place on our altars, what vast co-becomings will we open ourselves up to?

The proverb shared by philosopher-poet-prophet Bayo Akomolafe, “the times are urgent, let us slow down” has been with me, sticking in my bones, coagulating my blood that sometimes wants to race to sure things. The trickster wisdom in it is counter-intuitive when the hills are literally on fire & we can’t catch our breath, when institutions and ecosystems are unraveling.

But slowing down doesn’t mean complacency. We’re gonna fight. But we be fightin’ like a dung beetles and autumn otters. We be accomplices with the wind & deep time. We’re talking Trickster Values of the Great Composting. We’re not here to do the same ol’ same ol’ – we got work/play/rest/healing/love to do.

What if we intentionally walked across this threshold of collective initiation, opening into the thick-we-post-humanist world? 

The Era of I-Over is over. Deep We is calling. Saying compost the dead & dying body of the Over-culture, decolonize our hearts, & dismantle identity-prisons that have us all by the throats. 

Tuesday will come & go. Trump, Grandmother Corona-virus, & Elder Fire are our biggest teachers right now. Cracking things open. The decolonial pilgrimage continues as we collude to try something different—conspiring w/ wild others to #compostempire & smuggle in impossible questions, opening up new/old portals of re-membering & enact our Deep Belonging. 

Will we re-ally with earth & re-learn how to inhabit home?


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