We Are Wild Nature Heart

The Era of I-Over is over. Deep We is calling.

Like you, we were assigned only human at birth—a severe abbreviation, to say the least. Too many ‘not-mes’ in us to remain an ‘I’, we surrender to the Immense We. This is us coming out/in as We.

Vast skies & deep soil live within—bacteria & bears, colors & con-fusions.

Most recently & disturbingly (in the best sense), Elder Fire & Ash Kin pierced us w/ questions we have no right to refuse. The midnight cries of the remains of those who didn’t survive flow through our nervous system, wiggling us towards liberation.

Though we try, we cannot flee our entanglements. The symphonies of howling disguise themselves as itching until we listen & accept them, offering refuge in our body-hearts. There’s no going back.

Prior to that—a kiss from, an indictment by, an apprenticeship to bear. It was from bear we learned to eat everything, to be with everything. We learned that if we didn’t learn how to embody the voices dancing inside, we would be destroyed—confirming the wisdom of Gnostic Thomas, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Along the way rainbow eagle flew into our chest, tattooing the shape of sky in us. Dung beetle-dug in, turtle-moon paced slowly through our veins. Hermit thrush threw ever-widening iridescent loops asking us to keep opening—stretching w/ moonly silence.

Then came Riverever forever foriver—The ‘I’ was done for. We were born & are always being born. A cascade of unfolding co-becomings, erotic & eclectic.

We’ve relinquished mastery in favor of aspirational imaginaries beyond empire.

Impossibilities are emerging, as common as ants. Not just beyond the binary, but beyond the non-binary. Gender- & human-expansive. Trans-species, shapeshifting, micro-animist, archetypally-curious, Oneirogenic (dream producing), rhizomatic, symbiotic, omnivorous, and cosmic-fluid.

We are unmuzzling the beasts within. We R mutating. With-nessing something new. We are pulsating raw & riddled rhythms into the ecosystem of robust nows.

We are Wild Nature Heart.

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