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Wild Nature Heart Statement in Palestine & Israel

Wild Nature Heart is committed to creating liberatory cultures of care, deepening our belonging to the other-than-human world, and weaving these into systems that honor Life and serve justice. WNH stands against settler colonial violence in all its forms, from the enslavement of Africans… Continue Reading “Wild Nature Heart Statement in Palestine & Israel”

The Beautiful Undammed

“That’s still the water that runs through my veins.”—Mike Polmateer, Karuk  One of the many regenerative stories that has captivated me and feels like a bright ray of hope is the undamming of Rivers.  The undamming of the Klamath River is one that deserves… Continue Reading “The Beautiful Undammed”

Healing Work IS Antiracist IS Ecotherapeutic IS Decolonial IS Sacred Grief IS Rewilding

Healing work IS Anti-racist work IS Decolonial work IS Ecotherapeutic work IS Sacred Grief work IS Rewilding work.

These are not and cannot be seperate if we are to dream and enact ourselves into regenerative, cooperative, co-liberatory, earth-honoring habits of being and doing.