💧Recite the eon-long poems in our blood
💧Relish our grand and gratuitous re-enchantment
💧Kiss the other-kin in the center of our cells
💧Allow prophetic artistry to germinate from our magnificent failures
💧Waltz whimsically with all the big and little deaths
💧Let our inner cops out of jail
💧Caress each other’s voluptuous sacred wounds
💧Give mad meanders to ourselves and others as sacred gifts of holy unscripted dream-frothing
💧Embrace every subtle turn in the thick now, and every now amidst each paw print in the turn
💧Inhabit the inexhaustible sky within our extended nervous system
💧Enlist the species of our dreamshed ecosystem as agents of co-liberatory remembering
💧Activate magic metabolisms acquired and acrobatic
💧Eat the long shadow into ourselves like one walking from dawn to noon
💧Evoke erotic enzymes as engines of transmutation dissolving imperial incarcerations
💧Feel through to the furry and ferned fingertips on the landscape, caressing life
💧With delicious dendritic swarming map new cartographies of animist aberrations
💧Drink and be drunk by more wild water 💦

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