Falling Off the Map: an Invitation

I’m both excited and curious about Wild Nature Heart’s new course container starting next month. Falling Off the Map is premised on the sneaking suspicion that we’ve exhausted the exhausting maps we’re caught in. That we are being invited to fall through inherited maps into new/old territories of being and relating and imagining.

It is oriented more around questions than answers, as too quick and certain answers might be one way we try to dominate mystery, maintain control, and manage our anxieties.

🌞How can we relearn to honor and listen to/with/as Water? As a being in its own right, with fluid intelligence and the source of life?

🌞What if we lived and loved from a space of deep time?

🌞What if we apprentice to slugs, practicing S.L.U.G. (Slow Life Is Unparalleled Greatness)?

🌞What if we kissed other-kin in the center of our cells?

🌞What if grief is a sacred portal calling us back home?

🌞What if lichen can help complicate our notions of identity as individual selves?

🌞What happens if we sit with the bare shit in the woods?

🌞What if “Wonder is an essential survival skill for the Anthropocene”? (Robert Macfarlane)

🌞What if this civilization is already dead? To what/whom shall we give allegiance?

🌞What if we called our anxiety desire, and let it be a garden? (Natalie Diaz)

🌞What if the interpersonal is political is interspecies?

🌞What if instead of living in someone else’s tired imagination we poured our longings into a new collective dreamshed?

FALLING OFF THE MAP: Trickster Practice In the Great Composting is an 8-week interactive course dedicated to proliferating imaginal buds and practicing ways of being beyond the inherited coordinates of Modernity, through an animist, ecospiritual, liberatory lens.

Over 8 weeks we will explore together through Online Gatherings, Council Circle, Emergent Dialogue, Poetry, apprenticing to water, slug, and lichen, dream council, and integration activities.

The style is emergent, playful, curious, awkward, vulnerable, & honoring.

DATES: March 24-May 12TIME:  10am-12pm PST | 6-8pm GMTWHERE: Zoom

If this alluringly stirs something in you, Register to join Or drop me a line: ryan@wildnatureheart.com

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