Why the Wild?

Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.โ€ โ€” Terry Tempest Williams

Why the wild?

We embrace wild nature to not abandon ourselves.

We go to listen. We go to remember. There we can hear without distraction. Without the million and one voices of the world that want us to be and do things their way.

We can hear the true things at the center of our selves, the deepest whisperings, the ways in which we show up with either fear or love.

Wild nature is our most ancient place of belonging. It is us. We are one facet of the great wild expression. That is why it can be a clear and powerful mirror for the movements of our psyche.

Whenever there is too much: grief, busy-ness, confusion, unknowing, anxiety, distraction, pain…we can go into the wild and there find the answers within and all the juicier questions.

And we go to celebrate, to play with joy amidst the beauty of our natural world, to have that love affair with the bigger, more-than-human world.

There we access the deeper breaths, the richer dreams, the soft and strong animal of our creature bodies, and the natural eros that permeates ourselves and the world.

It is where we can find more clearly the wisdom of the psyche and the wisdom of the body having that conversation with the wider intelligence of the world.

We step into our fullest selves and wildness meets us fully in return.

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