Celebrate Your Summer Wild Nature Heart

Nature is the Master Teacher. One of the biggest lessons is that change is a constant and movement is perpetual–nature unfurls the next moment/season/image out of the old. This applies as much to the movement within–can we be present with this ever fascinating dance?

Our Wild Nature Hearts are rich from spring nurturing and swelling with the unfolding summer season. In April, we marked spring with a powerful EMERGENCE weekend of nature, community, and soul witnessing. It feels like yesterday we were sitting in the meadow together in council circle with the sun on our backs, creating nature art, mirroring, sense walking, and singing and sharing around the fire.

It was such an honor to share time in sacred circle with 7 other people on the land! We all returned nourished by each other’s soul stories and a connection with the earth community. The mystery of how it is that the exact right people show up to weave the tapestry of interconnected stories continues to astound us. And it’s what feeds us as we create new programs.

Now, spring is ripening into summer and Wild Nature Heart too is ripening with summer programs that celebrate wholeness, affirm our sensual bodies, and embrace our big dreams with purpose and playfulness.

Many summer fruits are growing, but we are excited to announce two of our juiciest: Say Yes to Your Wild Nature Heart July Wilderness Journey and our  Claim Your Wholeness and Soul Calling Individual Mentoring Packages.

Of course, we are also continuing to expand our free themed Meetups along the American River in Sacramento and the redwoods in the Oakland hills.


  • Ryan is offering custom-designed 1-5 Night Individual and Small Group Guided Soul-rooted Wilderness Journeys during parts of July through September–Contact us with your dates and needs.
  • Nature Art From the Heart – FREE EVENT (June 2, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland)
  • The Way of Council and the Four Shields – FREE EVENT (June 3, River Bend Park, Sacramento/Rancho Cordova)
  • Wilderness Vision Fast (August 22-26, Yosemite Backcountry – Contact us for details)

Click here for a glimpse of more upcoming 2018 programs.

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