Out With the Old…

Well, we know it’s not always that simple.

A turn of an arbitrary clock, even with well-set intentions, is hardly a match for old habits, storylines, let alone outdated collective beliefs and cultural paradigms.

Sometimes a giant freaking wave comes and wipes the slate clean. But often it’s many successive smaller waves slowly eroding the the old. Sometimes the old is composted with hard work, big hearts, and well-practiced presence, becoming soil for the new.

Or just as likely, the new and the old co-exist like broken shells and washed up seaweed. Like new ferns on old rotting tree trunks. We birth the new while letting go, we grieve while celebrating. That’s how nature works, and we’re no different.

It’s okay. Let’s keep it real, so we’re not disillusioned when suddenly we wake up tomorrow and we still have work to do and play to be played. And we’re still our wonderfully messy and mysterious selves.

Still, like the waves on the shore and the sun at dawn, we keep showing up, raw and open, ready to give life, ready to shine on, ready to shape the next shoreline of our lives.


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