Thank you wild nature hearts for all you do! Thank you for showing with your gigantic hearts and medicine.

Whether it’s regenerating culture, forests, soils, or souls, spreading the seeds of the new paradigms, lifting up the marginalized, fighting for justice, whether it’s deep listening, holding space, creating art, seeing people’s light and their sacred wounds, inspiring people, or connecting people more deeply to nature, their bodies, health and wholeness, their Inner Guide, their calling, or their best Selves, YOUR WORK OF LOVE AND PURPOSE MATTERS.

So keep on keepin on, and step even more clearly, more grounded, more YOU, into the next stage of your journey and work. Never forget that you have a unique way of showing up fierce and and sharing gifts that only you can and were meant to, and We are all medicine for each other, helping each other remember, walking each other home.

We are each GREAT REMEMBRANCERS in this collective initiation of THE GREAT TURNING. How amazing to be embodied right now!

Thank you for walking with Wild Nature Heart this year and I am grateful to be connected, whether that has been on social media, online gatherings, in circle, or out on the land learning alongside the river or among the trees.

Looking forward to continuing our journeys in the new seasons. 

In all the best and wild mysteries,

🌿💚🐻🙏🏽 -Ryan 

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