We’re so excited to announce the Wild Nature Heart Challenge – A Self-Paced Season Of Deepening!! The Challenge is a self-paced mini-adventure that guides you through easy-to-implement earth practices, concepts, and poetry that help you drop deeper into your body, natural cycles, and your inner and outer wild nature.

Engage in various activities that help you reconnect, feel alive, have fun, engage your senses, be inspired, reground, and reconnect to your rhythm and the rhythms of nature.

What’s Included:

25+ Practical Earth-based Practices and Soulful Sense-based Activities

25+ Earth Poems

Dedicated Wild Nature Heart Facebook Group 

Each module comes with a description, examples, how-to exercises, and earth poetry related to the theme.

Modules include:

Cultivating Gratitude/Curiosity/Reciprocity

Sacred Pause and the Love Affair with the World

Deep Belonging

Living Seasonally and Cyclically: Honoring Nature’s Rhythms

Exploring Where You Are: Urban Wild, the Nearby Faraway, Deep Wild

Becoming Animal – Coming to Our Senses

Finding Your Flow and Stillness

Conversations With Wild Nature

Courting the Muse and Mystery

You can start and end at any time, and you can complete the Wild Nature Heart Challenge at the pace that works for you.

3 levels of investment: $31/$49/$67 – choose what you’re able.

We are confident you will feel inspired, nourished, more whole, and wilder by participating in the challenge!


Have fun! 🌿🙏🏽🐾🤠


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