Ecogrief Circles: Honoring Our Pain and Resiliency in the Era of Climate Crisis

The highlight of my weekend was our community gathering co-facilitated with Kelly Noble to honor our pain and love for the world at Trinidad State Beach and to cultivate our resiliency and wholeness.

After arriving and grounding, we each poured water from our local watershed into a bowl, then picked up a rock as we expressed our truth, what was alive in us as we confront the difficult things happening in our world. We then carried the bowl down to the waves rolling in to shore, giving it back to mother earth in gratitude for holding it all and releasing some of the weight of our grief.

How nourishing to witness and be witnessed in our difficult (and joyful) emotions in circle and ritual, cultivating earth community, and sharing ways of taking care of ourselves and engaging in empowering action.

It is not easy to absorb the enormity of the crises we face, and yet we know it is not meant to be borne alone, but in community. Grief is the other side of love. We are in a collective initiatory moment. How can we show up, feel all of it, including the difficult emotions, while moving forward in wholeness?

“I feel honored to be able to hold space for the difficult feelings that come up around the changes in our world, and what our collective future looks like. I’m humbled by the level of compassion and openness that our attendees shared with one another,” says co-facilitator Kelly Noble.

We will hold these gatherings regularly now, the FIRST SUNDAY of each month, ‪10am‬ at Trinidad State Beach. The next Ecogrief Healing Circle: Honoring Our Pain and Resiliency, is ‪Sunday, October 6.‬

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