We Hurt Because We Love and Belong

Just some reflections along the Klamath River on grief and the moment we are in. Feeling into what my role is and what Wild Nature Heart’s role is. I often go to the rivers when I need to move energy.

Pain, grief, and other sometimes difficult emotions are part of the Earth’s feedback mechanism. And Grief was always held in community. We feel it all because we aren’t separate. And we must also allow ourselves to feel the pain, in order to be present with what is really happening, and so we may repair our broken belonging.

I’m being called to help hold space for this process.

If you’re in Humboldt County, Join our circle Honoring Our Pain & Resiliency in the Era of Climate Crisis on Sunday, Sept 15, 10am, at Trinidad Beach.

This is a FREE, non-religious, simple earth-based gathering and everyone is welcome. Together we will do an opening circle, share a moment of silence, and an opportunity to share our grief, gratitude, and other emotions. Attendees may expect poetry, movement, a truth mandala, and singing.
Facilitated by Ryan Van Lenning and Kelly Noble, LMFT.

We are in a collective initiatory moment—May our hearts crack open and tears fall as rain. May the dams of our suppressed emotions bust open, so we may rejoin our true belonging with the more-than-human world. We grieve because we love. You can feel the movement. It is time now.

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