Equinox Blessings: Embracing the Season

I have to admit, autumn is my favorite season. But I may say that at the beginning of every season. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wasnโ€™t always like that, I would often resist the changing of seasons in various subtle ways inside. Perhaps it was a reflection of things things I was resisting inside me. Over the years of reconnecting with wild nature, Iโ€™ve learned to notice the ways I resist change, and learned (still always learning) to not just welcome, but fully embrace every season. Itโ€™s one way I practice being present and belongingness.

I honor it by Harvesting the fruits of my life with an attitude of gratitude. By slowing down and making room for reflection and interiority. By confronting my shadows. By letting go of the old stories, false or no longer true belongings, and ways of being and seeing that take me away from my Wholeness. And by celebrating the miracle and mystery of the changing wild nature of things both outside and inside.

May we embrace the season. May we belong to earthโ€™s season, may we belong to the season of our lives.

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