Heal the Healers with Nature As Ally Workshop – TV Coverage

It’s always great when nature connection gets some media attention. Redwood News covered a part of our Healing the Healers with Nature as Ally workshop earlier this month.

After our sense walks, when the cameras stopped rolling, we dove into the deeper stuff, including sharing the things that sometimes keep us from self-care and listening to our own advice that we give others, participated in a truth mandala ritual for expressing eco-grief and other difficult emotions, and solo time on the land to deeply listen to our Inner Guides, with nature as mirror. 

We ended with gratitude and some spontaneous and beautiful nature art from the heart for integration.

We will host a similar workshop for LMFTs, social workers, massage therapists, nurses, and others in the helping professions in September.

The Article: Healing With Nature Brings Out the Other Senses

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