Sometimes You Have To Invent a New Role

Sometimes you have to invent a new role. In fact, the Great Turning we are in the midst of may depend on it.

Our task is not to shore up the current (insane) paradigm, our task is to become more fully who we uniquely are, to create new cultural delivery systems to share the essence of our gifts.

So dig deep and unfurl that image living inside/through you. If it doesn’t fit any categories currently dominant in this culture of forgetting, death, and distraction, you’re probably on the right path.

Perhaps the more outrageous, the more the world needs it, and the more fulfilled you’ll be.

That outrageous creation that is YOU, is the route to service AND deepest personal fulfillment and belonging.

What the world needs is more initiated adults, people who know themselves, who live with purpose and courage to make the world better, share their gifts, and to lead and mentor others from a heart-centered place.

There’s no time to indulge in self-doubt. Can you trust those whispers (or shouts) within?

So this is a photo of me, being Earth Poet & Inner/Outer Wilderness Guide.

What’s the image/purpose/passion/energy in you is trying to live into the world?

We need it!

And what are you waiting for?

In all the best and wild mysteries,

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