Cultivating Belonging

At yesterday’s Wild Nature Heart Humboldt Gathering we dropped into our bodies, senses, souls, and stories of belonging in the Redwoods.

We explored the ways we find and CULTIVATE belonging intentionally and also the ways we can sometimes mis-belong ourselves to the wrong homes, people, ideas, and paths. We marveled at how the HOME WITHIN can not only make us happier, but makes more available to show up in the world and for others.

We became curious about our neglected senses and the simple, but mysterious way even the scent of the soil in our area can bring alive our body wisdom of our sense of home.

And we discussed a beautiful nugget from Toko-pa Turner’s Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home:

“Most of us think of belonging as a mythical place, that if we keep diligently searching for, we might eventually find. But what if belonging isn’t a place at all, but a skill: a set of competencies that we, in modern life, have lost or forgotten?”

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