Dreaming Spring – March Update

Dear Earth Lovers,

We just sent Wild Nature Heart’s very first newsletter. We’re so excited to share our spring emergence and our new programs with our inner circle!

In the midst of a wonderful late winter rain blessing, Wild Nature Heart is dreaming spring. The new year has already gifted us with three full moons and a gorgeous lunar eclipse. And with the scent of magnolia and plum blossoms in the air and the longer days, it’s no surprise we are all dreaming spring. But it’s worth taking a sacred pause (a good idea any time), to note some of the highlights of the past year.

If nature teaches us anything, change is a constant and movement is perpetual, unfurling the next moment out of the old. 2017 was a year of transition and big growth for each of us–among other things this soul-rooted enterprise called Wild Nature Heart was born.

fern unfurlWe met a year ago as part of a small cohort of an on-the-land ecotherapy certification program with The Earthbody Institute, led by Ariana Candell. Little did we know then that the seeds were being planted for a new species wanting to unfurl and flourish. Every species, just like every individual, has its particular niche, its peculiar traits, and its special beauty. Since last spring we have both undertaken wilderness vision fasts and discovered a common calling.

We feel that a core wound of the modern world is disconnection — from wild nature, each other, and our truest selves. As a result, we live with a host of ailments, anxieties, oppressions, and a sense of alienation. Wild Nature Heart’s mission is to support men and women to reconnect with the wisdom of wild nature and their most authentic selves. We work with a variety of tools to do that, including wilderness journeys, nature connection retreats, council circle and mirroring, vision quests, and creativity workshops.

We hosted our first winter weekend retreat in the Santa Cruz redwoods. The theme was soul-rooted visioning of our dreams for the year and we couldn’t have asked for a more lovely group. We began our time together with an evening water blessing ceremony and ended with a labyrinth walk at dawn on the final day. In between we shared dreams, council circle, music, visioning with art, fire night, storytelling, and intention walks. But there’s probably no better way to get a flavor of Wild Nature Heart than by letting a few of the participants speak for themselves:

“I feel like the best version of myself. There are parts of me that I feel which haven’t shown themselves in years. On a soul level everything is very ‘lit up’ yet calm at the same time.”

“After participating in Katie and Ryan’s New Year Deep Dreaming Weekend, I started getting very excited about all the new possibilities of experiences to lead in my new context of women’s empowerment. I hadn’t felt excited and flowing like that in a long time!”

“I felt like I was in a new body with a different perspective of the world. I felt very humbled and wiser, I felt so blessed in so many ways – to connect with each of you in such a deep and authentic way, to be able to join so freely on several occasions with the watershed of that incredible forest.”

It was equally positive and powerful for both of us, an affirmation of Wild Nature Heart’s mission and why we are doing this work.

labyrinth2One of the joys of this work is to hold space for people to encounter their own soul growth in the context of nature. When done with intention and presence, wonderful things happen: people start hearing and honoring their true voices more clearly, our fragmented selves start to align in powerful ways, and healing unfolds.

We both feel deeply the sacred responsibility of the calling of holding space for this magic to happen and that is what Wild Nature Heart is all about. We are honored to be able to witness and mirror the transformations and are excited to be able to offer other opportunities in the coming months.

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