Solo Wilderness Rite-of-Passage

“Doing a vision fast or wilderness rite-of-passage will not make your life easier, but it will make it more authentic.”—Scott Eberle, School Of Lost Borders guide

While many Wilderness Rite-of-Passage programs, including Wild Nature Heart’s, some people are called to do a Solo Wilderness Rite-of-Passage. This can be something which 1-on-1 earth-rooted mentoring sessions lead up to, or can be done as a stand alone ceremony, with preparation beforehand. While the group Programs are during the late-spring to late-summer months, Ryan facilitates Solo Journeys year-round.

The Solo Journey of 1-4 nights is a custom experience that is co-designed by you and Ryan and is unique to each person’s needs. It is a rare opportunity to have a dedicated experience on the land in a ritual held by an experienced guide and receive specialized attention for hearing you and for refining your intentions.

More importantly, it is your opportunity to claim what is alive, to mark a transition, to clarify your vision and meaningful action, to step into your power. In ceremony, you cross over into liminal space where your senses re-awaken, you reclaim your belonging, and you re-member your place as a part of and a-kin to nature.

It is important to remember that the point of going out (on the mountain, as we say) is to come back in our wholeness as medicine for the people and the earth.

The price of this is negotiated unique to each person and their needs but typically is about $150/day.  Click here for more information on wilderness ceremonies.

To give you an example of how it looks:

We meet (in-person on the land if local or on Zoom/Facetime) prior to the ceremony (from 1 to as many times as necessary) to see what is alive, what you are claiming, what needs to be let go, and your intentions.

We design a ceremony that has the landscape, the sacred time and space, and the ritual elements required for your journey.

We discuss the various Elements of the Journey, including:

  • The three-fold structure of severance/threshold/incorporation
  • The importance of cultivating an Sacred Inner Circle
  • Safety considerations
  • The four shields of human nature/four directions/four facets of wholeness
  • Various self-generated ceremony ideas
  • Story council and Mirroring

The voice of your true self does not give up easily. It’s been whispering to you, maybe for a long time. Are you hearing the call?

Contact Ryan at with your interest and/or questions.

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