Global Earth Exchange: Honoring Our Love and Pain For the World

As part of Radical Joy for Hard Times’ Global Earth Exchange, we will gather to Honor Our Love and Pain for the World. This will be equal parts sharing in circle, solo time on land/with the river, a simple grief ritual, and creating ecoart together.

Date: June 25
Time: 10am-12pm
Where: Mad River Hatchery, Blue Lake

We are in a collective initiatory moment. The old forms are dying away, and the new is emerging simultaneously, though it may often feel like the new is not emerging fast enough and we feel overwhelmed by the state of things.

Because we love and care for the world, we feel grief and other emotions when we see the harm being done. Because we are NOT separate from nature and others, we cannot help but be impacted on many levels. We are often not able or willing to fully feel or express these emotions for a variety of reasons. The idea here is that by allowing the space to feel, to witness and be witnessed with these energies, we are honoring nature’s feedback loop and can become unstuck. . 

By sharing grief and other emotions, and moving through them, we can step into new ways of seeing and reconnect to each other and nature, and thereby become even better stewards of the world and the work that needs to be done to heal. And by giving gifts of beauty, love and gratitude for all the more-than-human world has given to us, we renew and deepen our relationship with the world and each other.

This is a FREE simple earth-based gathering and everyone is welcome.

What to bring:
Just your self, Water and a snack. If you’d like, bring an item you’d like to temporary place on the centerpience. Perhaps an item that symbolizes a loss or gratitude or something you are feeling about what is happening in the world and our relationship to Mother/Lover Earth.

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