🌏Anchor in an unshakable ecospirituality (deep time, reciprocity, gratitude, humility, animism, sacred pause, honoring the season)
🌏Chip away at inherited maps & stories, Dismantle supremist scripts, Divest from Empire (the most ecological thing we can do is compost white modernity)
🌏Befriend your watershed, get to know your plant kin, praise the soil, listen to the river
🌏Build your capacity for discomfort (and discern the difference between danger and discomfort)
🌏Slow down. Practice skills for building spaciousness and grit within (regulating your nervous system)
🌏Support indigenous sovereignty, frontline water and earth protectors, and #Landback campaigns.
🌏Listen deeply for your particular callings and follow them with the commitment of a monarch butterfly’s pilgrimage, ridiculously, beautifully, and like a sacred fool (what is yours to do and discerning when and how you get pulled off center)
🌏Celebrate your senses, revel in ecosensual pleasure, embrace your shadow, and tend your grief and that of others.
🌏For the love of Gaia, give up on hope and hopelessness. Rather, become intimate with butterflies and the seasons, the pace of the moon, the sacred wounds, the parts of you that you’ve neglected still flitting about inside your Meadow. Let even the most disturbing questions and daring dreams drip down the canyons of you. Then, you’ll let go of bringing your silly little head to the game of hope and despair, But will be Life living through you and from there, the Wild and Wingéd Way will emerge like the butterfly from the cocoon, which not even the mightiest empire can withstand.

We are earth.

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