Belonging to Our Purpose

WE BELONG TO OUR PURPOSE (Not the other way around)

When I talk about Deep Belonging, I often divide into belonging to Place, to People, and to Purpose. Or put another way, we cultivate belonging to the land and other-than-human kin, to community, and to our calling. Each is distinct, yet are woven together.

But Purpose isn’t something we go and get out there, let alone own. It doesn’t belong to us; WE BELONG TO IT. A number of things follow from this slightly different way to think about it, including a deeper sense of responsibility, as well as a deeper sense of belonging and vitality.

Our purpose is an energy of its own, an aspect of our Ecological Self, that wants to live THROUGH US.

The 6-week Deep Belonging Interactive Experience begins in January. There is a daytime course and an evening course.

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