Belonging to Our Purpose

WE BELONG TO OUR PURPOSE (Not the other way around)

When I talk about Deep Belonging, I often divide into belonging to Place, to People, and to Purpose. Or put another way, we cultivate belonging to the land and other-than-human kin, to community, and to our calling. Each is distinct, yet are woven together.

But Purpose isnโ€™t something we go and get out there, let alone own. It doesnโ€™t belong to us; WE BELONG TO IT. A number of things follow from this slightly different way to think about it, including a deeper sense of responsibility, as well as a deeper sense of belonging and vitality.

Our purpose is an energy of its own, an aspect of our Ecological Self, that wants to live THROUGH US.

The 6-week Deep Belonging Interactive Experience begins in January. There is a daytime course and an evening course.

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