Writing Wild Along the River

IMG_8864This weekend we hosted a free gathering along the American River called Writing from the Heart of Your Wildness, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or more awesome participants. It doesn’t get much better than holding sacred space to write and share creatively with other earth-lovers. Our creativity is merely the microcosm of Nature’s macrocosmic on-going creativity. Thanks to everybody who came out to write wild and reconnect. And as always, Deep Gratitude to the land and river and the participants for bringing their authentic, creative selves! Truly inspirational!

Here’s what a couple participants had to say:

“I derived so much healing from being not only among nature’s calming beauty, but from having sacred space held by such exceptionally tuned-in guides as Ryan and Katie. It felt like not only were they channeling conscious, creative energy for the betterment of those in the circle, but effortlessly facilitating the opening of hearts.”

“I went to an event with Wild Nature Heart near the American River, and it was magical! Ryan and Katie were excellent guides and mirrors, and made me completely comfortable sharing my story- even personal at times. I feel more at peace, and a passion for writing has been rekindled; it also doesn’t hurt that they found a beautiful and secluded location ๐Ÿ™‚. If you love writing, nature, community or even need a safe space to explore who you are, I highly recommend them!”

Wow! We feel honored to hear that reflected back and to be able to hold the space for these experiences.

If you wanted to attend but couldn’t IMG_8866make it this time, stay tuned because we’ll be hosting another and similar offerings later this spring. Be part of Wild Nature Heartโ€™s Inner Circle, Subscribe to Our Newsletter, to stay in the loop.

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