The Purpose of Going Out is Coming Back

I recently returned from three rich days facilitating a wilderness ceremony/rite-of-passage for a young man. I had been working with him for a few months and he heard the call to go deeper.

One of the joys of this work is having the privilege to hold the space for people to encounter their own soul growth and unfurling in/with/as wild nature.

After a few rounds in circle by the river telling his story and helping him refine his intentions, he crossed the threshold to take his sacred spot to fast and listen deeply to his inner voices and the whsipers from the land and other-than-human kin.

But as we say, the purpose of going out is to come back—to return more aligned to community with one’s unique gifts and love as medicine for your people.

As I awaited his return to Circle the final morning, hummingbirds whirred among the red wildflowers and river otters played on their commute upriver. What a blessing!

He emerged across the threshold visibly more grounded and alive. He had conducted several ceremonies severing some self-sabatoging stories and ways of relating, and fiercely embraced some very important malnourished aspects of his Whole Self. And rekindled his relationship with his Muse as well.

We held Incorporation council. He was facing the next stage of Return with clear eyes. He was under no illusion that this experience was somehow the be-all-end-all, yet he felt empowered and inspired.

The real work, the work of embodying his learnings and gifts in service, was entering a new level.

It is such an honor and joy to be able to help provide a powerful container for Whole Self exploration and witness the journey as people come into deeper belonging to themselves and nature and embrace that next stage of unfurling clarity, self-trust, and wild purpose.


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