This is a question I am living now.

“Where your soul’s gift and your positionality (dynamic social location of power + privilege) meet is your ecological niche for a hungry world.”

This beautiful & dangerous call by Pinar Sinopoulus-Lloyd (@queerquechua) of @queernature has been swimming through the river canyons of my psyche as I feel the complex emoting of a world confronting multiple intersecting crises: ecological, social, and spiritual.

Several potent and disturbing images are also swimming through me: a death knee on George Floyd’s neck; raging fires of buildings, cars, forests, towns; the body of Homero Gómez González, Monarch Butterfly Defender, found at the bottom of a well; dead dolphins with plastic inside their stomachs: masks and their meaning; playgrounds with caution do-not-cross tape across them; and my own soul images ever-opening up to encompass more and deeper archetypes.

They want to make me uncomfortable and I say Yes, knock me over. Turn me upside, inside out, and upend my ego’s view of who I am. I want to live bigger.

What does it mean to fully embody the gifts I receive/I am as medicine to the people & a world in need of healing & justice? What is Wild Nature Heart’s most aligned & powerful way to serve in this Great Turning?

We know the current dominant economic, cultural, and relational paradigm is insane, unjust, and unsustainable. It’s going down and being composted one way or another.

Which returns me to Pinar’s inquiry. What is Wild Nature Heart’s ecological niche?

The truth is, I don’t yet fully know. And that’s ok. Like nature, it is dynamic and continually shifting. Sometimes we (or egos) play catch up with psyche (soul) and our callings.

I want no separation between my medicine and my commitment to social and ecological justice. The eco-spiritual is inextricably intertwined with rooted & earthy, which is inextricably intertwined with the Beloved Community.

I am carrying the question about how to best show up and ‘synergize both my soul’s gift and my positionality.’

As Pinar also says, “When we do synergize, we become dangerously strategic.”

May we all be dangerous to the current system.

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