Return to the Moon, Return to Self

Full Moon Blessings!

Last night a group of about 10 of us gathered to slow down and re-connect to nature, our inner voice, and each other. A sacred pause with the moon.

Only the moon hid behind the fog! Or was the fog there to teach valuable lessons?: That our wholeness is always there, despite clouds of distraction, doubt, division that we allow to gather in front of it.

That getting thwarted in agenda-driven life (even ‘lets go see the moon!’) can make us notice and simply BE WITH what is right there (persistent crickets, fresh air and summer scents, our bodies and breath and minds as they are, bats and mugwort)

After a simple spaciousness of silent BEING WITH the moment, we shared insights and stories that becomes medicine for each of us as we travel this human journey, as we keep coming back to wholeness, our enoughness, and our Groundedness at our core.

And as we walked back on the trail, knowing ourselves and each other better, the moon blessed us with an evocative dance through the Monterey pines, saying, thanks for visiting.
No, thank you, 🌝Moon.

In all the best and wild mysteries,

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