Backpacking In the Tuolumne

Our backpacking trip into the gorgeous Yosemite backcountry of Tuolumne was soul nourishing. We got to share this adventure with Ariana Candell, our intreprid ecotherapy certification trainer, and the person responsible for our meeting and beginning to dream into this work together in the first place.

The wilderness is an old frieIMG_6020nd, but I (Katie) was somewhat new to backpacking, so I was grateful to be traveling with my backpack experienced co-conspirator. Ryan is a trustworthy and grounded wilderness guide, and he helped us to feel comfortable and prepared to face the elements and the trail. We held sacred circle around a magical campfire, I sang and recited Robert Service’s Spell of the Yukon, we did solo medicine walks, and Ryan accompanied our hiking with his ukulele. We chose an enchanting trail to an enchanting lake called Polly Lake a few miles into the wilderness from Tioga Road.

We’re happily anticipating being able to take some of you with us next time we go!

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