DEEP BELONGING: 6-Week Interactive Experience

This is a 6-week interactive course for people transitioning or ready to transition to a deeper earth-centered life and eager to expand into their wholeness and cultivate a deeper belonging to place and purpose.

When: Wednesdays, September 2-October 7 (Online)

Time: Online (10:30am-12:00pm PST / 2pm-3:30 EST

(The in-person course in Humboldt is postponed until feasible and safe)

Engage in Sense-based and soul-based exercises that help you re-connect you to inner and outer wild nature and drop deeper into your body, senses, and aspects of your wholeness.

Learn various tools and concepts for re-connecting to nature, your soul calling, and each other.

OPTIONAL: A key component of this experiences is having the opportunity to do a supported solo overnight or extended DayQuest on-the-land ceremony.through the framework of wilderness rite-of-passage.

This course is for you if any of the following describes you:

  • You are longing for a deeper earth-centered, sensual, and meaningful life.
  • You know in your bones there is a more authentic, earth-honoring, community-centered way of living.
  • You are exploring, or want to explore, your inner wilderness and eager to expand your toolbox of exploration.
  • You are on the path of rewilding and cultivating a deeper belonging to place, purpose, and people.
  • You are interested in and passionate about nature-based personal growth work and human wholeness.
  • You are ready to live more aligned and eager to clarify and step more fully into your unique gifts and powers

“This course is a deep-dive across 6 weeks. Ryan’s skill and generosity of spirit has guided me through a variety of themes and practices that have been both thought-provoking and empowering. I’ve valued this time immensely, and the abundant materials provided will keep me moving through this journey for a long time to come. I’ve developed a richer relationship with my Urban Wild environment in very unexpected ways, and for that I am so very grateful.” —Claire (UK Fall 2019)

Click here to register and find out more about the topics and benefits.

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