WIld Nature Heart circles of the Great Turning

Wild Nature Heart Circles are regular, free gatherings where we explore together what it means to be whole humans deeply interconnected with the world and as we chart the challenges of the the Great Turning/Composting and plant the seeds of new cultures together.

We gather in Circle to hear each others’ stories and experiences and allow conversation to emerge as a way to explore embodied wholeness and personal and collective shifts.

It is a fundamental human need to witness and be witnessed in our authentic truths. At the end of each sharing, we say, “We hear you.” We find we are medicine for each other as we bring our unique and needed wisdom, heart, perspective, and creativity.

We gather in Circle to hold the Uncertainty.

We gather in Circle to hold the breaking down of the old and the birth of the new simultaneously.

We gather in Circle to hold the holy wholing, within ourselves and within the collective.

So may the sun behind veils and grief behind masks be invitations to new intimacies and wild remembrances. May we smuggle in contraband questions under cover of darkness in circles of remembering how to be human in relation to all life.

Currently, we are meeting monthly via Zoom on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon at 5pm-6:30 PST. Some gatherings will be open-ended, and some will be themed.

Upcoming Circle Themes

  • Deep Belonging
  • Trickster Values of the Great Composting
  • Sacred Grief
  • Being with Uncertainty
  • Missing Elders
  • Shadow Stalking

“I’m always moved by the authenticity with which people choose to show up in circle. Each time I have left with gratitude for the deep exchange, which unfailingly includes so much compassion and love for our planet and each other, renewing hope and instilling a sense of community around the challenge ahead of us.” – Kelly N.

“I loved the experience! A combination of spiritual and therapeutic and the natural beauty couldn’t have been better. I felt like I shared so much that was important that I could join a circle with more people now and do more listening and thinking about what others are going through. Thanks again!” – Nan S.

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