Wild Mind: Exploring the Facets of Human Wholeness


This is a 5-class series for people ready to take a deep dive into their own wholeness, exploring their own inner wilderness and eager to expand their toolbox of exploration.

It draws on the work of Bill Plotkin (author of Wild Mind, Nature and the Human Soul, Soulcraft), my own experience of inner/outer wild and training as an ecotherapist, and the four shields model as taught by School of Lost Borders. In particular, we explore the Nature-based Map of the Human Psyche, with the 4-directions of North, East, South & West—each containing various energies and aspects of nature which mirrors the cycles and aspects of our own inner nature.

“What if our primary human need and opportunity is not to endlessly attend to our emotional wounds and the eradication of perceived psychological disorders but rather to fathom and flesh out our natural human wholeness and to embody this integral bounty as a gift to others and our world?” — Bill Plotkin, Wild Mind

The idea is that we, like all wild nature, have an original wholeness and vibrancy that too frequently gets stunted for various reasons, and that we can cultivate these capacities and find ways to access and express these in our lives, thereby empowering us to be more authentically who we are.

This course is for you if any of the following describes you:

*You are interested in and passionate about personal growth work, human wholeness, shadow work, dreams, and nature-based soul work.

*You are exploring, or want to explore, your inner wilderness and eager to expand your toolbox of exploration.

*You are transitioning to or wanting to transition to a deeper earth-centered, sensual, and meaningful life.

*You are on the path of rewilding and cultivating a deeper belonging to place, purpose, and people.

THROUGH 5 CLASSES (Meeting Wednesdays ‪September 4-October 2‬), we’ll explore conceptually and through practice the following:

+Bill Plotkin’s Nature-based Map of the Psyche with the 4 Facets/Directions. These are our innate gifts/resources that we’re born with, but that often get covered up or forgotten about.

+Those wounded or under-developed parts of our psyche that have served their purpose, but often get in the way of our authentic wholeness (subpersonalities/shadow work).

+Sense- and soul-based exercises that invite us to re-connect to inner and outer wild nature and drop deeper into our bodies, senses, and aspects of our wholeness.

In the first gathering, we’ll do introductions, a grounding exercise, and explore the basics of the Nature-based Map of the Psyche. In the following 4 classes, we will go through each of the other Facets/Directions:

South: Wild Indigenous One/Childhood
West: Dark Muse Beloved/Adolescence
North: Nurturing Generative Adult
East: Innocent/Sage/Elder

When: Wednesdays, ‪Sept. 4-Oct. 2‬
Time: ‪6pm-8pm‬
Where: Hiller Park, McKinleyville
Cost: $145 (Or Only $100 if you register ‪before August 1‬)
To Register: Visit https://forms.gle/YahR5KtLcXKFbPbK8
Or Email ryan@wildnatureheart.com with your interest & send registration fee to PayPal.Me/WildNatureHeart.

(Note: Class limited to 10 participants)

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