Ecotherapy/Nature Connection Testimonials

“Thank you Ryan for holding such a clear and present space, where we could feel safe and held while you confidently guided us through a very seamless experience. I gained insights into patterns that I’m applying directly today! I loved it so much, I took a dear friend there again yesterday and we spent a quarter of an hour just imbibing our surroundings in silence at a spot that spoke to us. It was fascinating to watch the different play of light on the rocks and trees later in the day.”  — Verna Lim, Oakland (Participant in Flow and Groundedness workshop)

For many years, I have been a fortunate recipient of Katie’s mirroring capacities in a council circle held before and after medicine walks and vision fasts; these are undertaken seasonally by our small group in various wild places on the land.  She brings to the role of council elder an authentic visionary acuity for identifying metaphorical patterns spoken as the language of the Earth itself.  Without falling prey to the temptation of too swiftly interpreting what emerges in the gap of mystery opened by the imagery of the stories shared in sacred trust with her, Katie’s gift for crystallizing gems as offerings to each of us is predicated on her respect for not-knowingness as the sacrament required for gestation of authentic insight. She is a poet with a genius for this calling.  Holly Allen, Santa Rosa

“Ryan has a way of gently guiding people to be more connected to the earth. He has a deep appreciation for the wilder places in our world, and understands how vital they are for our well-being (physical, mental, and emotional). As a participant in his nature therapy events, I have been astonished at the deep insights and healing I feel during each and every one. His events are a great break from our fast-paced and stressful lives, where we can slow down and really listen to the deep wisdom that can be found in nature.” — Diane Dew, Oakland 

Poetry in Nature Testiomonials

“Thank you for awakening not only my inner playful poet but for allowing me to remind myself all that is in there… including nature and everything in it. What is true reveals itself as I am ready for it, through you guiding us. It’s all unique to everyone; more an ‘unfoldment’ than ‘class’ or exercises. You guys, if you didn’t make it, you are really missing out!”Karen, Fremont

“Ryan is a deeply earthy, magical, inspiring poet and person. Katie is a courageous, heart-full, dynamic storyteller and writer. You will be amazed and forever touched by learning and creating with them!” — Ariana Candell, Psychotherapist, Ecotherapist, Dance Movement Therapist, Berkeley

“I have never thought of myself as a poet, or even very good with words. Until fairly recently, most poetry left me feeling lost. Ryan helped me discover my “inner poet” by using nature as a means of finding it. It was surprising how easily I slipped over the line from non-poet to poet! Ryan has a gentle way of helping us feel more connected to nature, and thus, to ourselves. I highly recommend trying out his nature poetry events, even if you don’t “feel” like a poet.” — Diane Dew, Oakland