Wild Nature Heart Autumn Challenge


The Wild Nature Heart Autumn Challenge is a self-paced experience that guides you through easy-to-implement exercises and concepts that invite you to drop a deeper into your body, your senses, and your inner and outer wild nature. The Challenge begins around the Fall Equinox and Ends on the Winter Solstice, but you can start and end at any time.

Each challenge comes with a description, examples, how-to exercises, and earth poetry related to the theme.

The Wild Nature Heart Challenge can be completed at the pace that works for you.

We are confident you will feel inspired, nourished, wilder, and more whole by completing the challenge!

Email ryan@wildnatureheart.com to be put on the interest list.



Among the Modules You’ll Discover:

You Got Attitude
Sacred Pause
Deep Belonging
Ecological Self
Living Seasonally and Cyclically

Becoming Animal
Finding Our Flow and Stillness With Nature
Conversation with Wild Nature
Courting the Muse and Mystery
Bringing it Back


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