Wild Nature Heart 7-Day Challenge – FREE


The Wild Nature Heart Challenge is a self-paced mini-adventure where you will engage in earth-rooted activities and poetry that help you reconnect, feel alive, have fun, engage your senses, be inspired, practice presence, and reconnect to your rhythm and the rhythms of nature.

This can be done daily over the course of a week or seven days of your choosing.

The intention is to encourage you to develop and/or deepen a personal practice to reconnect with your most authentic self and wild nature.

This is the bite-size version of the Wild Nature Heart SEASONAL CHALLENGE, the first of which which begins on the Fall Equinox, and is a deeper dive into reconnection. Drop us a line if you want to be put on the interest list for that (info@wildnatureheart.com).

Go directly to the Challenge to start for FREE!

We are confident you will be inspired and nourished by completing the challenge!

Many find they want to jump right in to the deeper Seasonal Challenge.




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