Grounding in Groundlessness – Friday, May 8, 10am-12pm (Online)



In this time of uncertainty and radical possibility, we are eager to be with you in (virtual) Circle as a creative way to connect more deeply with community and the voice of the Earth.

Join us to learn how to feel less anxious and scattered and more grounded and at ease during a time when the Earth is calling all of us to slow down and align with what is living within us.

When you are grounded you are:

  • In the present and moving at a slower pace
  • Less reactive, judgmental, fearful, and anxious
  • More at peace and connected to your intuition (what you are really wanting and needing)
  • Able to have patience for the people you lead, care for, and tend to.
  • Have greater mental and emotional space and capacity for your passions and missions

In times of crisis, our ego, our agenda, our plans can get quite shaken up…but they can also be a delicious and ripe opportunity for regrounding into what is better aligned. In this gathering we will learn how to ground into the present moment no matter what is occurring around you.

Grounding and Earth Energy Meditations: Energy medicine is the ability to ground and connect to the Earth through meditation no matter where you are or who you are with.

Earth Connection Exercises: There is nothing in the world more proven to be as healing and healthy as the natural world. This gathering will provide the support and motivation to get you outside during quarantine. We will each do an intention walk with prompts prior to the gathering. You will gain more knowledge and confidence on how to connect with nature. When you cultivate your relationship with the Earth you feel more resilient and at ease in your everyday life.

Community Support: You will have a like-minded community of people that you can connect with instead of remaining alone with challenging emotions.

We would love for you to join us in CIrcle to listen, support, and empower each other in these challenging and beautiful times. We need community more than ever to meet this moment with wholeness, groundedness, vision, and hope.

Please register here and we will send you details and Zoom information.

With playful otters in the big river,

Ryan (Wild Nature Heart) and Caroline (RootAwareness)


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