Fall Wilderness Rite-of-Passage Program

What happens when you cross the threshold
and stretch yourself horizon to horizon?

What emerges when you empty yourself of everything and crack open with the land?

The modern-day wilderness fast is a new/old ritual of setting time aside in sacred ceremony to be by ourselves in/with/as wild nature in order to leave behind the voices of the dominant culture, cross over into a liminal space where our senses re-awaken, and we re-member our deep belonging, and bring our gifts back to our communities.

The voice of your true self does not give up easily. It’s been whispering to you, maybe for a long time.

In the rite-of-passage we cross a threshold into liminal space, where we find a world alive with sentience and with meaning as we come into a conversation with animals, trees, rocks, spirit, and our own true natures. From this conversation we may come away with treasure; inspired and imbued with pieces of our truest voice and wild purpose to bring back to a world in need.

When: September 18-26, 2021
Where: Inyo Mountains (outside of Big Pine, CA)
Guides: Ryan Van Lenning and Katie Baptist (and an assistant guide)
Investment: $500 (Early Bear, if registered by July 31, $600 after)
Contact: Ryan: ryan@wildnatureheart.com or 510-219-3349; Katie: passageways@sbcglobal.net

Scholarships available for BBIPOC & LGBTQ2+
For people coming from current and/or historically marginalized populations, such as First Nations, BIPOC,  or queer or trans people, please reach out to us for scholarships, we would love to chat about what would be supportive of you.

See more details here.

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