We are earth-lovers with a deep desire to be of service in the work of re-connection.

Wild Nature Heart supports people to connect with the wisdom of wild nature, to claim their authentic adulthood by showing up as their truest selves, and to live their soul callings and heart stories into the world.

We offer half-day and full-day nature connection and creativity workshops, multi-day soul-rooted wilderness journeys and retreats, and vision quests.

We work primarily in the Northern California area, including Oakland/Berkeley, Sacramento, Santa Cruz mountains, Yosemite, and Grass Valley.

KatietreeKatie Baptist, LCSW, is an ecotherapist, a naturalist, a writer, and a rite-of-passage guide. She is passionate about preserving wild nature; both human and otherwise. Katie holds a master’s degree in women’s spirituality and is devoted to healing through embodied, earth-based practices for reconnecting to ourselves, each other, and the planet. Her psychotherapy practice, Heart Story, is located in midtown Sacramento.   Email: passageway@sbcglobal.net



Ryan Van Lenning, M.A., is an inner and outer wilderness guide and poet/writer. Ryan is a certified ecotherapist through the Earthbody Institute. He is passionate about facilitating authentic connections with nature and ourselves to assist in the work of repairing broken belonging, through 1-on-1 nature-based mentoring and group programs. His new earth poetry collection, Re-Membering: Poems of Earth and Soul is now available. He has published work in Earth Island Journal, Deep Time: The Journal of the Work That Reconnects, Terrain Magazine, Elephant Journal, and various poetry journals. He lives primarily outside among the forests and rivers of Northern California. Email: ryanvanlenning@gmail.com

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