Having for a few years now invested in practicing the dirt path of Deep Belonging, I have come to realize its twin trajectory is Deep Lost. I grew a course and a life around deep belonging and see it ultimately as an ecospiritual decolonial journey.

But without the recognition of Deep Lost, I fear reinforcing the incarcerations of white modernity. Deep Lost is like the underworld meander towards which the roots of deep belonging tunnel, beyond Salvation Highway where all the recognizable signposts are.

These are times when things must be spilled that have no currency in the economy of convenience. That can’t be mopped up with the tools of the Imperial Janitor. This isn’t about peak bagging, it’s about peat bogging.

We are so utterly found that we are lost. Yet we don’t yet know how to become sufficiently and redemptively lost. This requires probably the most courage of all.

In order to do so, we must dissolve the inherited coordinates of modernity, untether ourselves from toxic progress and solutionary fundamentalism, tear up the all-too-human maps, if we are to find our way—back into the relational universe.

So far, that universe is still sending out invitations. Invitations that we experience as inconvenient. As tragedy. It seems the bigger the invitation, the grander our denial.

Yet Invitations/Initiations will continue to emerge that threaten to thwart our habitual thoroughfares. Threaten our thick theatrics and thin theologies.

Increasingly intense crises and cracks will continue to invite us across thresholds of initiation, to break open the paved highways of our hearts until tributaries may flow in and out. Watershed moments. This is the potential of Deep Lost. And in that there is a promise of Permeability.

The theory is: the less intentional we approach it, the deeper the cracks, the harder the falls. The bolder the word ‘Die’ will be on the invitation.

The MORE intentional we approach it, more possibilities open and co-liberation grows. That doesn’t guarantee it won’t hurt like hell, but it can mean becoming humble co-creators of the Unfurling.

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