Deep Exhale and Dream

Deep exhale. Guilty on all counts. A verdict isn’t a fix, let alone transformation, but for a moment we can lean into a sacred pause and sit with it all, including the contradictions. Sit, cry, celebrate, laugh, commune, dream. Feel our body and breath.

Today, at least some accountability squeaked in by the skin of our teeth. It took nearly a year and the collective voice and energy of millions of people who care.

It seems we are always performing emotional and spiritual labor because of and for these violent systems we live within that keep delivering body blows and soul slams, especially for our BIPOC family. It’s beyond time to divest from these systems—materially, psychically, emotionally.

Justice? It’s not with reform and more money. It’s not with tinkering on the edges. It demands deep dives into Whiteness and what psychological function it performs, along with a courage to dismantle the fossilized old and the boldness to experiment with new ways.

We continue to hold the vision of a new way of being together, a multi-species, post-capitalist, decolonial earth-honoring society of care. The Village with soul and guts and maturity and play. One where black, indigenous, and people of color don’t live in fear of being harassed, stolen, killed. Knowing the work of composting imperial structures of racial capitalism, policing, prisons, and extractivism is part of why we are alive in this moment.

People are increasingly opening to alternatives, coming to realize the systems we’ve inherited and co-created are fragmented and deficient (to say the least); and for all they’ve provided (for some), they haven’t provided happiness, justice, or meaning.

Which means we can co-liberate and co-create new ways, bequeathing better worlds to future generations of people, both human and non-human.

So let us dream big and keep speaking and living and sharing the vision of the world we want. While also supporting concrete grassroots efforts for structural change like #Landback, #NoLine3 and or other similar local efforts.

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