Circles of the GReat Turning

Wild Nature Heart Circles are regular, free gatherings where we explore together what it means to be whole humans deeply interconnected with the world.

We gather in Circle to hear each others’ stories and experiences and allow conversation to emerge as a way to explore embodied wholeness and personal and collective shifts.

It is a fundamental human need to witness and be witnessed in our authentic truths.We find we are medicine for each other as we bring our unique and needed wisdom, heart, perspective, and creativity.

We gather in Circle to hold the uncertainty and ask new questions.

We gather in Circle to hold the breaking down of the old and the birth of the new simultaneously.

So may the sun behind veils and grief behind masks be invitations to new intimacies and wild remembrances. May we smuggle in contraband questions under cover of darkness in circles of remembering how to be human in relation to all life.

Currently, we are meeting monthly via Zoom on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon at 5pm-6:30 PST.  So the next few will be November 29, December 27, January 31, February 28.

Circles are FREE.

Any donations will go to support the Wild Nature Heart Equity Fund, supporting scholarships for BIPOC and LGBTQ+  program participants. If you’d like to contribute and make the circle wider, you can send to

Please register here and you will receive information on joining the next Circle. 

Some gatherings will be open-ended, and some will be themed. 

Upcoming Circle Themes: Deep Belonging, Trickster Values of the Great Composting, Sacred Grief, Ecosensuality, Hopeful Activism, Missing Elders and Village Ache, Shadow Stalking

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