A core orientation towards the world when living open and from our wholeness is a romantic one. It is inherently sensual, perhaps even erotic, in the sense of Eros—bringing our passionate love and deep imagination and curiosity to everyone (including every other-than-human sentient being) we meet.

I’m talking courting romance of all, the flowers and sunsets, the deep autumn reds and sexual lovers, yes, but also your friends, the bees, the seasons, the bark of madrone, the flowing creek, the otters, the marshy mud, the muse, the moon, your monsters, the godwit hunting aquatic worms!

Have you stared alluring into eyes of death?

And don’t forget about romancing your own beautiful and endless depths.

We are the great lovers with the world, with wild nature. This is a core pillar of Wild Nature Heart.

This orientation honors and restores the fundamental wonder and mystery and radical intimacy at the heart of all. We are in love, in awe, with the alluring world and it’s intoxicating vitality; and therefore we feel our own vitality and allurement.

And ‘wonder is an essential survival skill for the Anthropocene,’ as Robert Macfarlane says.

However, there are always depths to explore, in us…and in everyone else. This is bad news for us if want to figure everything out, or need certainty. But it’s fantastic news for us when we become great lovers of the world.

Diane Ackerman captures this so beautiful in A Natural History of the Senses, “It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery. However many of life’s large, captivating principles and small, captivating details we may explore, unpuzzle, and learn by heart, there will still be vast unknown realms to lure us. If uncertainty is the essence of romance, there will always be enough uncertainty to make life sizzle and renew our sense of wonder.“

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