Re-Wilding Tip: Drink the Forest

We were tossing around the idea of doing some quick, informative, and fun nature connection videos. So on a recent hike, we just went for it! So here’s the first of our Re-Wilding Tip videos.

In this one, wild-edible enthusiast Trinity Calabrese talks about how to make tea from evergreen tips. Enjoy!

Evergreen Tip Tea
Making a tea from redwoods and other evergreen needles:

Step 1)Gather a few spring tips (redwood, spruce, fir, pine)
Step 2)Crumble needles a little to release oils and put in jar/cup
Step 3)Pour in boiling water, then steep for 10 minutes and Strain.
Step 4)Drink the Forest. Feel it pour through your blood and come alive
Step 5)Give thanks to the forest for being awesome🙏 😎

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