Operation Ecotherapy Retreat: Success!

In mid-September, we hosted a day-long nature connection event at Earthrise Retreat center in the beautiful oak hills outside Petaluma. It was a pleasure to be part of the team producing it with our ecotherapy colleagues through The Earthbody Institute and to meet about 20 new people who felt called to reconnect to nature and themselves, to take a Sacred Pause. Hope to have a second iteration in the not too distant future!


Ground Yourself With the Wisdom of the Earth:
An Autumnal Ecotherapy Retreat

Join the EarthBody Institute for a day of connecting with nature, each other, and our authentic selves, in order to become better stewards of the Earth and to hold this moment together in community.

The profound and often troubling social and environmental changes happening in our world can make us all feel off-center and overwhelmed.Together we will step into the autumn season with boldness, wisdom, and groundedness with the aid of nature.

The Autumn Equinox marks the transition to fall, a time of letting go, harvest, and transformation. We pause for a moment, perfectly balanced between the lingering warmth and brightness of summer and the crisp brilliance of the cooler weather.

Join us as we explore this time of change together on the land, falling into earth’s wisdom – the wisdom of healing, groundedness, and flow. We return to earth as a way to return to ourselves.

Participate in a variety of sense- and soul-filled activities and workshops, including Embracing Change In Nature With Joy, Sacred Pause and the Love Affair with Nature, Self Expression through Song, Earth Poetry, Synchronizing Your Rhythms with the Rhythms of Nature, Resiliency and Grief, and Channeling Intuition in Nature.

We are women and men working together to shake off the old stories of our culture and live into the new stories of the Great Turning.

Cost: $85 standard, $50 student/low income
Includes a scrumptious organic lunch!

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Hosted by Ariana Candell and the Earthbody Institute, Joy Khoo, Ryan Van Lenning, Katie Baptist, Miranda Michelle, Constance Blake, & Joceyln Rose.

Workshops descriptions:

The Sacred Pause and the Love Affair with Nature: What happens when we really slow down, pausing to deeply see and listen to ourselves, others, and nature? We will explore recovering authentic connection buried just beneath the surface through group and solo activities.

Embracing Change in Nature with Joy: Learn from nature, connect with like-minded people, turn inward and collaborate with nature to create a group art piece.

Channeling Intuition in Nature: Do you often override your intuitive sense, rather than listen to and embrace it? Reconnect with your intuition through several meditative and somatic Ecotherapy practices.

Cultivating the Daily Gifts of Nature: How do we attune and become present to ourselves, each other, and the land that we live in? Experience simple somatic ways you can feel the support, inspiration and vibrancy of connecting with all that is around in your daily life. Live with more joy, meaning and satisfaction.

Honoring Grief With Nature: This is an opportunity to name and honor grief, whether recent or long-held from the past, using the healing natural world as our setting. Participants will tell their stories and experience the support of nature and others by creating a group healing ritual.

Synchronizing Our Rhythms With the Rhythms of Nature: Explore the fascinating scientific principle of entrainment, the tendency of rhythmic things (including heartbeats, brainwaves, pendulums, etc.) to lock into synchronization, vibrating in harmony with what they are in close proximity to. We will learn tools for refreshing our nervous system by reconnecting and entraining with the natural world and with each other.

Songwriting for Self-Expression in Nature: Tap into your musical and lyrical creativity with nature as muse.

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